These knives feature Forged to Shape DAMASCUS Steel, and are 100% hand made from the anvil forging of the blank through final finish. These knives are NOT stock removal!  There is simply no finer knife made for the money.

    Quality? Our Charlton Ltd. DAMASCUS knives have won numerous prestigious awards, providing superb & reliable service worldwide. 

    Function? Yes! We're not just talking pretty here, we are stressing a usable instrument suitable for any situation. The excellent edge holding & cutting qualities have proven time and again to be superior. Choosing DAMASCUS is definitely an intelligent decision.

    Collectible? No finer knife for the money! Excellent value!

   From former presidents Reagan and Bush, world famous author Peter Hathaway Capstick, American Hero General Chuck Yeager, General Norman Schwarzkolf, Astronaut Joe Engle, Rambo's "Sly" Stallone, Cabella's, Sporting Classics, Wild und Hund, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co.'s Harley Owners Group, Safari Club International members, actor's Larry Hagman and Jameson Parker, Golf "Shark" Greg Norman and radio legend "WOLFMAN" Jack, & last but certainly not least, the National Rifle Association. The quality, beauty and function of the DAMASCUS USA knives continue to please these and many other proud owners.

President Reagan enjoying his collectible Damascus "Reagan-Bowie" with Rob and Annette.

   Keep checking this site as we are now completing a special Damascus Presentation knife for President, George W. Bush based upon a design suggested by his father.




Famous radio voice... "Wolfman" Jack  " Rob, you're a gifted artist and I'm glad to be your friend."  1991
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Rob spending a few moments with past President George Bush.

    We are so confident that you will love our Damascus Cutlery, that our 100% money back guarantee will also include  your postage cost!

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  V-5 Wood Crafter Skinner (9")

 Our version of an 85 year old Marbles & Remington design.  This design was the basis of the 1988 SCI Club Knife.


  V-10 "W.F. Moran" by Charlton Ltd. (9")

 Designed by the "Father of American Damascus" & past President of the American Bladesmith Society. There is also a Moran in the Smithsonian National Collection. This knife was the basis of the 1990 S.C.I knife. First Damascus knife in the NRA Arms Museum.


  V-6  Capstick African (10")

 World famous author Peter Hathaway Capsticks favorite knife. Peter uses the African term "Tagati" which means Magic when describing Forged Damascus edge-taking & holding qualities.


  V-12  Capstick American (9")

 Same as the V-6 above, only 1" shorter. This knife was the basis of the 1991 S.C.I Club knife.


  V-80  "Whitetail" Hunter (8")

 Designed by North Carolinas only (one of the few worldwide) lady knife makers, Carol Gurganus.


V-1: Marine Fighting Knife (12")

An exact clone of the world famous U.S. Military Fighting Knife.


  V-9  "JRS" Hunter (8.50")

 Designed by famous outdoor author and hunter Jon R. Sundra ('JRS') from his world-wide hunting experiences. A serious hunter's knife!


 V-10 (m) Modified W.F. Moran (7")
by Charlton Ltd

A smaller, perfect clone of the larger V-10...a reduced scale version. Approx. 7" Overall w/ a 3" blade. Just a super little B & T or whatever.


  V-3  Teensy (O.K.,small!) (6.25")

 Hunter with guard. Sort of a reduced scale Loveless classic. NOT a miniature. Approximately 6 1/4" overall w/ a 3" blade. A really slick little gem.

  V-2  Hunter/Camper (8.50")

 Typical Loveless style. The basis for the 1987 Safari-Club International. (S.C.I) Club knife.


  General Yeager Hunter-Skinner (8"+)

 Here is the personal favorite straight knife design of General Chuck Yeager. This Erickson design features a Giraffe bone handle

V-7: 6 3/4" Bird & Trout.

An elegant,slim design.


V-5(m) (8 3/4" O.A.) A modified version of our Marbles Woodcrafter V-5.

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