Thank you for your interest in our 100% finished "Forged to Shape" DAMASCUS knife blanks for both the hobbyist and the professional custom knife maker.


      About our program... We initially started a pilot program in 1995, and have spent the past few years trying to develop truly nice "Low Cost" Damascus blade blanks of excellent quality. 

    We have finally gotten it right for you! 


   To simply bring out the best quality at VERY modest prices.

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    Don't let these low prices fool you. We have duplicated our 500+ layered "Forged to Shape" Damascus (NOT stock removal) blanks and are offering them now DIRECT from us.                                                       

10% off when purchasing 2 or more blanks 


    We are backing these with our Lifetime Guarantee, you must be completely satisfied... These blanks will EXCEED any expectations you may have.  They are superb!  In fact, several makers have won "Best in Show" with these exact blanks being offered to you

We are so confident that you will love our Damascus Cutlery, that our 100% money back guarantee will also include  your postage cost!


    Many have asked about "Special Orders" and YES, we can provide your design but on "Special Orders" minimum lots of one (1) dozen blanks will be required.

ORDERING: We prefer a very secure site with 50 Million customers. It only takes a few moments to sign up. Please pay . SHIPPING Add $5- add $1- blade thereafter.
 IMPORTANT! IF YOU E-MAIL...I always reply immediately. So if I don't reply, my spam filter got you or my reply was gotten by yours! So phone me...(252) 221-2010. If I don't pick up leave a message I'll call back. 

***Always best to check with us first for availability of Model(s) wanted

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