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Rob Charlton
V-11 "W. F. "Bill" Moran by Charlton Ltd." With Bill's permission we have re-created his famous ST-23 Damascus Combat knife, battle proven in the 'Nam. This is a BIG knife...massive 14 1/2" overall. A perfect copy. (Bill passed in 2006, a great knifemaker, a greater man!). ***If you don't want to pay our price I can probably find you an original for about 10-15 times as much!

Price $1100
V101: Our beautiful rendition of a Classic Native American Smoking Hawk.
This graceful hand full of Forged-to-shape beauty features a Hand Forged-to-shape Damascus Hawk' Head, crest & mouthpiece on a gorgeous So. African Rosewood shaft with German silver accents.
This is not just a stunning addition to your Office, Den or Gun room this is truly an heirloom. Price: $425

Call us @ 252-333-0349 after 12EST or Email us at Rob@damascususa.com
V-34 Harley-Davidson 5th Anniversary H.O.G.(Harley Owners Group)
Limited Edition set of two, Damascus Dagger & Bowie. Issued in 1988 these sets are now 19 years old. "True" Limited Editions since only 100 sets were ever made. Thats right, 100...not a thousand, or 7,500 but ONLY 100 sets! We did the Damascus & famous maker Gil Hibben assembled them into their full unique beauty! These feature our famous "Forged-to-Shape" (vs. the much simpler "stock-removal") Damascus blades with rich Brass hardware. The set includes a letter of authenticity plus other paperwork including a copy of the original H-D purchase order. (Please note that the set you accquire will have a different serial then the "Master" photo shown.) ONLY 100 sets, both knives serialized alike..e.g. 7x of 100 w/both our & Hibben knives stampings. The set also includes a beautiful Oak presentation rack which is also serialized, fitted suitable for a glass cover. (No, don't ask me to ship a cover, they break! Any local glass shop can do one) H-D got $2,200- way back in '88. A great investment in rare Americana & "The" lowest issue number & absolutely the rarest of the rare of ANY Harley collectible. I saved a very few sets when we processed the original H-D order & these are strickly original & the real deal.
This beautiful piece features 12" + of a very scarce Trophy....The horn of the world's largest Wild Goat, "Capra Falconeri", the Markhor. This shy, secretive inhabitant of some of the Earth's wildest terrain is a #1 Trophy Sports animal. A serious hunter will lay out about 100K for the privilege of taking this magnificent beastie! And speaking of magnificent...that's an appropriate term to describe our exquisite Forged-to-shape Damascus Combat blade with matching Damascus guard. In total you are offered approx. 32" of stunning High Art craftsmanship. If you ever wanted a show-stopper in the Office, Den or Gun room your seeing it here!
Asking $10,000- (Trades considered)
Our latest addition. A truly superb Hand Crafted High Art beauty. This piece features our beautiful Damascus "Twist" pattern steel with Copper accents including an oval Top plate and Shaft support with a final round above the walking tip(not shown). They beautify a 36" shaft of South African Rosewood which is not just a pretty face but extremely rugged and functional. The Hand Crafted Leather "Sheath" (Cover) completes the outfit. Strut with this one cause' no one will outshine you!
Walking Stick (Cane)