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Rob Charlton
Richard Robert Charlton
Joshua Hunter Charlton
In honor of our two sons who proudly serve in the US Armed forces...Hooah! Gary Owen!
Our eldest, Richard, after eight years and four months in our Nation's service is now medically retired and helping in the business. Joshua also assists when his duties as a police officer and First Lt. in the North Carolina National Guard permit. We are now a three man team!

We have a new phone number! Please call (252) 333-0349 (after 12 EST please!)

As more people become aware of the custom DAMASCUS beauty, quality and function, it's becoming more and more popular. So give true custom DAMASCUS a try...ours, another's...you will love it!

With 41 years of experience and a true pioneer in the business of custom knives, it is easy to see why individuals such as General Chuck Yeager, President Ronald Regan, the Legendary "Wolfman" Jack, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and many others all choose the Charltons of DAMASCUS-USA to provide the superior Forged-to-Shape Damascus knives and blades for their collections and custom projects.

Why should you should choose DAMASCUS USA?

Merit Award : 1984 "BLADE" show
Cover Knife for "Knives" 1985
Knife of the year: "Knives" 1986
Maker: 1987 thru 1993 Safari Club-International Club Knives
American Design of the year: 1988 "BLADE" Show,
American Made Knife of the Year: 1989 "BLADE" show.
Proudly furnished the steel used for the only 2 Damascus RANDALLS ever made!
First custom DAMASCUS knives: N.R.A. National Collection.
Charter member of FNABG
Life member and Benefactor of the N.R.A
1st Lifetime Benefactor of Chowan Friends of the NRA
Life Member of SCI- A hunter and proud of it! (Remember, after the Anti's get the Guns, Knives are next!)
Proud supporter of "The Fallen Outdoors" where Richard voluntarily guides Vet's on 100%
free Hunts throughout the year. Richard is also an AK Brown Bear guide.
ATTENTION: We have been in the Damascus Cutlery trade for over 40 years....it seems were successful because recently some other outfits have been copying our Photos, our Models, our descriptions and the like and presenting them as their own. There is not a lot we can do but simply remind you that we are the Worlds Leader in Damascus with many years in the business. ALL our goods are backed up by a 100% LIFETIME guarantee. Period. Buyer beware!

Please ask about our Military and First Responder Discounts!

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Damascus USA
The World Leader in Hand Crafted Damascus Cutlery
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SERMON (& I'm NOT a Pastor!)
DAMASCUS USA/Charlton Ltd. honors the 2nd Amendment &, it follows, the National Rifle Association for all it's efforts in protecting same. All the Charlton males were or are Military while the Rob is a retired Cop & Son2 is currently a Cop. Son1 is medically retired Army. WE ALL "CARRY". We all believe the only thing that stops a puke with a gun is a good person with a gun.

Likewise, some (after careful selection!) of those folks watching our precious ones at school should be packing. People, I'm VERY serious here. Our kids need extra protection!!! We live in an evil world.

A thought. ALL our family are NRA Life members. Just signed up three of our six Grandsons on the "Easy Pay" Life program where your C.C. is billed $25- down (per) & then $25- (per) is taken off every three months until the child gets their "Youth Life". ($550- Total). ALL you adults should too!!!! ($750-)
(252) 333-0349
Damascus Waterfowlers
In 2016, Army veteran Richard Charlton and Marine Corp veteran Phillip Armstrong ended there career in the United States Armed Forces due to service connected injuries.

One thing they possessed a passion for almost as much as serving there country and the men and women they served with was the love of all things WATERFOWL. Thus the first ideas of Damascus Waterfowl and Delta Snows began to take shape.